Always dreamed to build a guitar yourself?

During this exclusive course in which we work 1 on 1, we start to make an acoustic guitar. Here you will learn which steps are in the construction process for manufacturing your own handmade guitar.

At the end of the building process you will go home with a beautiful handmade guitar, which is built according to the guidelines of Riemersma Guitars.

Results of the course:

– You know which types of wood are available and which ones you can use best.
– A step-by-step plan and guidance in the manufacture of a handmade guitar.
– Self-confidence to build a guitar yourself at home.

Novice guitar builders and advanced builders are welcome. Special experience in woodworking is not necessary, but naturally it helps. Most of my students have a normal job in daily life and often have nothing to do with woodworking. Precision is required to make a sounding instrument. We often work with 10th millimeters!

Ariz-H Ziricote-11


“A nice place to learn to build a guitar! It is always fun and you are provided with coffee and expert advice. I had absolutely no experience with fine woodworking, but gradually and with a little help I slowly see what beautiful appear. You will not be left to your fate for a moment and if things go wrong: there is (almost always) a solution where you do not see them yourself. I am already proud of what I have achieved and can hardly wait for the end result!”

R. Hilgersom, Lisse

Guitar building course Non-Stop:

Build your own guitar full-time under the supervision of Ramon Riemersma. What is needed to make your own handmade guitar? And which molds do I need? All tricks and tricks are well covered in this course.

We start with the following topics:

  • Humidity and temperature of the building process.
  • How do you recognize good sound wood.
  • Acts during the construction process.
  • Which parts influence the sound of an instrument.

In these lessons you will be personally guided during the construction of your guitar. The big advantage is that you are alone and receive private lessons.

Non-stop consecutively continue building until the guitar is ready (except Saturday and Sunday). The intention is to build at least 4 to 5 days per week until you have finished your guitar. The total number of days needed to build the guitar is around 20 to 22 days. This does not apply to all students, and depends on how fast someone is or how ‘luxury’ becomes the guitar.

The costs for building your own guitar Non-Stop are € 2499, – excluding VAT and material costs.

You can choose the materials and wood types yourself if it does not affect the sound. The material can also be supplied by Riemersma Guitars at an advantageous rate. The price of the wood can vary a lot but starts at around € 250,- to € 400,- for a complete guitar. You are also free to choose which model guitar you want to make. Think of classic or flamenco, OM-steelstring, 00-steelstring or dreadnought.

Coffee and tea are always ready for you! And during the break a nice lunch is provided.

Also ask about the possibilities for overnight stays in the area.

“Ramon Riemersma is one of a select few who can help you achieve this goal. In fact, he is probably out there on his own. He gets you where you want to be without fuss or frustration and there are very few people can do that without imposing their own rules, regulations and pre-conceived ideas. He makes making a complex and refined musical instrument look easy, step by step; piece by piece. But make no mistake, he is as critical as can be when it comes to accuracy and getting it right – we are talking anything between 0,1 to 0,01 of a millimeter in wood – and it shows in the finished article.”

Dick McKechnie, May 2013

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