The Ariz-F,

the flamenco one.

Traditionally, but with a contemporary design. The last model of Riemersma Guitars is the Ariz-F. Inspired by the famous master luthiers of the flamenco world, but with a complete own vision regarding the braces on the top. This guitar has a nice warm bass with a long sustain and sparkling high that is uniform throughout the entire area. Of course, the guitar is equipped with a Golpeador to protect the top.

“What a sweet and sensitive sound comes from this guitar. You notice that there are many more qualities in the guitar.
The guitar has a lot of potential.” H. K.

The standard sizes of an Ariz-F guitar are:

– 65 cm Scale.

– Total length 98.5 cm.

– Length of the body 48.5 cm.

– Width of the body bottom 37.5 cm.

– Width of the body top 28 cm.
– Waist 24 cm.

– Thickness of the body 9.5 cm.

– Width of the finger board at topnut 54 mm.

– Width of the finger board at 12th fret 64 mm.

The wood for the guitars is personally selected by Ramon Riemersma and he only uses high-quality woods and parts.

An important process is during the construction of a guitar to keep the quality of the wood in top form.
Therefore, all Riemersma guitars are built exclusively at the right humidity and temperature.


  • Top European Spruce AAA
  • Back and sides Spanish Cypresse
  • Neck Cedrela
  • Mosaic rosette
  • Bindings Coromandel
  • Finish 2K lacquer high gloss


This flamenco guitar has a beautiful Spanish Cypresse back and sides and a top of European Spruce for the typical flamenco sound.


“Very nice guitar to play on, has a warm and fierce bass and a pointed high, responds very quickly to the fast flamenco beat.This guitar is equipped with a transparent golpeador for protection.”

“Riemersma creates a beautifully shaped instrument, which has been erected flawlessly and manually. In wood types he is experimental and in the sound box is the secret of the vocal bar structure, inspired by the Hauser formula. To get a balanced instrument with an intensive accent on the the E and A strings give a sound that you can compare with a fretless bass guitar, the overall balance, including the projection, has the look of a piano. I do not know that much sound from a classical guitar. “


It is possible to build a Ariz-R by Ramon Riemersma with many possibilities and options available, so that it is exactly as your want him to have. Think of a broader or narrower neck, another scale, the thickness of the body of a finger board with a radius.

There are also many choices in wood available for both the top and back and sides:

Back and sides:

– Indian Rosewood
– Madagascar Rosewood (extra fee €100,-)
– Ovangkol
– American Walnut
– African padouk
– Cocobolo (extra fee €200,-)
– African Blackwood (extra fee €499,-)
– Flamed, Quilted or Birdseye maple
– Coromandel (extra fee 350,-)

– European Spruce AAA
– Engelmann Spruce AAA
– Western Red Cedar AAA